The Prisma Lab kicked off its adventure in 2019 with a spark of creativity, literally adding sparkles and fresh logos to a plain black racing seat. By 2020, this playful tinkering blossomed into a full-blown design spree with vibrant patterns and trendy prints that caught the eyes of car lovers everywhere, from vintage classic owners to the tuner crowd. The real showstopper? Our quirky "pizza seat," which became an overnight sensation and even got a nod from Top Gear Netherlands. This fun and funky design helped Prisma Lab carve out a niche for stylish and innovative automotive seating.

Fast forward to 2021, and we opened our first walk-in studio near the buzzing Irwindale Speedway, offering a playground of customizable seats and cool accessories. Today, Prisma Lab is all about pushing the envelope of automotive interior design with exciting collaborations aimed at creating iconic parts. We've expanded our flair for colors and designs into safety gear too, ensuring that style and function go hand in hand. Prisma Lab is on a mission to sparkle up the automotive world, one seat at a time.